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Stowarzyszenie Studentów z Niepełnosprawnościami Politechniki Poznańskiej 'Nieprzeciętni'


IT Trainee, Manufacturing IT/ BI

(staż, liczba miejsc: 2)

Numer oferty: 16458-09/2017

Okres odbywania praktyki/stażu/pracy: 12 months

Lokalizacja (miejscowość, region): Poznań

Zakres obowiązków

In your role as IT Service Trainee you will learn how to:

• Play a significant role in support of global core business services, practical use of IT Technologies like Windows Servers, Java Application Servers (JBoss), Web Servers (Apache), SQL queries, software development, scripting (VBS, PowerShell), System Interfaces technologies,
• Mobile solutions for business, Hardware selection for mobile platform (Tablet, iPAD, SmartPhone, PDA, ultrabook class devices), Mobile Device Management (VMware AirWatch) for Win10, Android, iOS, mobile application configuration, testing and support,
• Work with enterprise database management systems, MS SQL, Oracle, learn best practices for DB performance tuning and code creation (TSQL, PL/SQL), reporting solutions, Data analyzes, Data mining elements,
• Use the GSK IT standard support processes, being part of central team, involved in service management for enterprise class systems for GSK,
• Participate in number of technical and soft skills trainings, internal trainings organized by Subject Matter Experts and Business Representatives,
• Follow world-class standards, e.g. ITIL and Lean Six Sigma to solve issues, problems, practical experience in design and use of ITIL processes,
• Being part of a GSK Trainee community, actively participate and organize wide type of events, internal and external, share knowledge about different departments at GSK, experience,

Wymagane umiejętności

• Ability to learn new concepts, systems, and software independently and quickly,
• Good communications in English, sufficiency to build and maintain organizational support,
• MS Office – Excel skills, SQL queries,
• Ability to communicate with stakeholders, extensive interpersonal skills,
• Knowledge of systems/software development methodologies & ability to select appropriate one to meet objectives,

Preferred qualifications:
• Knowledge of relational database concept, SQL basic skills,
• Interested in data analyzes, big data processing, Interested in Business Intelligence

Dodatkowe uwagi:

MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) are computer based control systems designed to manage and monitor work-in-progress on the manufacturing floor. MES systems receive and transmit information lightning fast through real time interfaces connected directly with the Automation equipment. This data is then combined, transformed and analyzed by MES software. Essentially, MES systems are the brains that run and optimize shop floor activities occurring within the manufacturing plants. MES uses AMS (Aspentech Manufacturing Suite) to collect, manage and provide the vast amount of data within organization.

GSK is deeply committed to professional and personal development offering employment opportunities across a diverse collection of businesses and geographies. So you’ll flourish in an inspiring environment where personal growth plays a vital part in the changing face of the business. Most of all, you’ll enjoy the sense of purpose that comes from leading change in an industry that touches millions every day.

To apply, please visit: https://careers.peopleclick.com/careerscp/client_gsk/external1931/gateway.do?functionName=viewFromLink&jobPostId=350502&localeCode=en-us

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